Retail stores that have loyalty programs can attract loyal customers who are interested in gaining rewards from having shopped at the store. A loyalty program can offer many different rewards, such as discounts, free products, or access to further products and services that others do not. If you want to create an attractive program, you should offer some rewards at each level of your rewards program. Here is why you should include a customized bag as a freebie at each reward level. 

You save money in plastic bags

Although gifting a bag may not seem like a big deal, a customized reusable bag offers you the option to toss out plastic bags as a necessity for your business. If you hand out reusable bags at every different phase of the loyalty program, you may be able to save money on the expenditures for your business. If you are able to completely knock out your use of plastic bags, you may be able to market your company as eco-friendly, which will be attractive to many customers who are concerned about the environment and waste. 

Employees can easily spot VIP customers

If you hand out different color bags or differently designed bags at each loyalty level, your employees will be able to immediately spot your VIP customers upon entrance to your store. If VIP customers are supposed to be offered certain services, such as free beverages, free consultations, or other products and services, they can get them without asking. This will make your store appear more responsive to your loyal customers, which in turn will encourage further visits and spending. Make sure that your employees know your loyalty tiers and what is provided for customers of each level to make sure customers get the proper acknowledgment and services. 

Easily keep track of customer spending

Most loyalty programs are run on how much a person spends in order to move up levels. One of the easiest methods to determine how much people are interested are spending in your store is to look at how many people are in each tier of your loyalty programs. This will provide you with the necessary information on how much you are bringing in yearly per customer and if you are meeting your financial goals. If you find that most people are remaining at the lower tiers without a marked increase in spending, this could mean that you need to change up your product offerings and possibly your program tiers.