Are you planning on renting a moving truck and loading all your belongings on your own to move to your new space, but you worry about the safety of some of your belongings? Do you have breakable items, weapons and other items that need to be handled with extreme care during the move? If so, there are some things you'll want to consider looking into, or things that you'll want to get for your big day. Consider these options.


Put all the items that you worry about getting lost or stolen in a safe for the move. You can choose to transport the safe on your own so you know exactly where it is, or you can send the safe in the moving truck. Large safes are ideal for those who are transporting weapons from one living space to another and the best way to keep the weapons from getting in the wrong hands.

Boxes and Fillers

Make sure that you have the right supplies to protect everything that's getting moved. Here are a few moving supplies you'll want to get from the moving company:

  • Corrugated boxes designed for durability
  • Styrofoam or bubble wrap
  • Packaging tape to make sure boxes stay closed
  • Dolly or sliders to move furniture around

These are just a few of the things that will make the move easier when you have to package all your items, and that will protect items from damage. Talk to a company like AAA Wildcat Storage to find out what moving supplies they have available.

Door Lock

Does the moving truck have a lock on the door? If you are going to be parking the truck overnight, or if you are making stops while you are moving, you'll want to add a padlock to a chain to put around the door handle to make sure no one is able to get inside the moving truck.

There is a lot of liability when you are moving weapons, and you don't want to worry about someone stealing anything that belongs to you and is valuable or potentially dangerous. You also don't want to stress about your valuables getting damaged during transport. Talk with the moving company to see what different moving supplies you can get when you pick up the truck and sign the paperwork, and see if they have any suggestions for moving. With a safe to protect the weapons and anything that you can't afford to lose, your move should be easy to manage.