Food subscription services provide food manufacturers with unique ways of expanding sales and introducing customers to new products. The right custom shipping and packaging options can help to make your company's food subscription service stand out from the crowd. You can check out for some custom shipping ideas.

Here are a few ideas to create a unique, branded look for your monthly shipments to customers.

Custom Packing Tape

Custom packing tape gives you an opportunity to brand your packages and alert customers that their monthly shipment has arrived. Work with your custom packaging company to create a custom tape for all your subscription packages, or get an even more customized look by having a different tape created for every month of the year. The tape should have your company's name and logo as well as the name of your subscription service. Consider bright colors to call attention to your packages.

Thermoformed Plastic Packaging

To keep your food items neatly in place during the shipping process, consider having custom thermoformed plastic packaging created. This process takes a plastic sheet and creates a uniquely shaped container, which can be used to package your food products. Custom thermoformed packaging is made just for your products, and it can help to give your shipments a more professional look. Work with your packaging company to plan out the items that will go into each month's shipments in advance, so you can create custom trays to hold the planned items.

Branded Boxes

Instead of shipping your food subscriptions in plain boxes, consider using brightly colored boxes printed with your branding. Labeling them with the name of the food subscription services can act as a signal to mail carriers that fragile or perishable items are inside, and the company name and logo on each box can help to spread brand awareness. Be sure to choose boxes that work with your custom thermoformed trays so everything fits together neatly for shipping. Consider having different boxes printed for use during the holiday season, or have a different box created for every month of the year.

Combine your branded boxes, custom shipping tape, and your thermoformed trays to create a sleek look for your monthly subscription service. Work with your packaging company to look for other ways to make your packages special, such as custom-printed tissue paper or stickers. With the right touches, you can create packages for your food subscription that keeps customers excited every time a box arrives.