If you're thinking of buying a pressure washer to clean the siding on your house, but you're afraid it's not a good investment since you don't need to clean your siding very often, you don't have to worry. A pressure washer is one of the most useful pieces of cleaning equipment you can own. You'll find a variety of uses for it, such as cleaning your driveway and washing your car or truck. Here are a few other uses for a pressure washer you may not have considered.

Bring An Old Wood Fence Back To Life

A pressure washer is great for blasting dirt off a chain link or vinyl fence. However, it really comes in handy when you want to restore an old wood fence. As a wood fence ages, the wood oxidizes and turns a silver or gray color. What you may not know is that the silver color is just on the surface, and you can blast it off with a pressure washer. Just don't use a setting that's so high it damages the wood. Adjust the pressure so the water is strong enough to take off the silver layer, and the color of your fence will be restored so your fence practically looks brand new. This trick also works on an old wood deck that is showing its age. By restoring the color, you may get a few more years out of your fence and deck since they will have a fresh appearance.

Blast Compacted Grass Off Lawn Tools

If you've ever scraped and pried compacted grass off of a weed trimmer or lawn mower, you know what a pain it is, especially if you don't do it right after you mow and the grass dries on the metal. Using a pressure washer makes cleaning your lawn equipment a breeze. The washer has more power than a hose, so it is strong enough to knock off clumps off grass around the blades. Plus, using a pressure washer is safer since you don't have to dig at the caked-on grass with your hands or a screwdriver and risk cutting yourself on the blades. With a pressure washer, you can keep your lawn equipment and other tools clean and in good shape so they work better and have longer lives.

Knock Down Empty Wasp Nests

If you have wasps around your home, you know how persistent they can be. Their tiny nests stick to the roof and sides of your home like glue. You might knock them down with a broom, only to have them reappear in a few days. You may not even be able to reach them with a broom if they are near the roof, and the last thing you want to do is mess with a wasp nest while standing on a ladder. If you have a pressure washer, you can keep up with your wasp patrol much easier. You don't have to get as close to the nests as you do if you use a broom. Plus, the pressure washer has more power, so it can knock a nest down when a garden hose would do little more than just soak it. Just be sure to knock down the sticky little nests after they've been abandoned or after you've killed the wasps with an insect fogger so that wasps don't fly at you when you blast away with the water.

Once you buy your pressure washer and see how well it cleans the siding on your home, you'll probably be hooked. Since the pressure can be adjusted, you can use the powerful spray to clean just about anything that is dirty. You don't have to worry about not getting enough use out of a pressure washer because it can do many jobs around the home and your family and friends will probably want to borrow it to clean things at their homes too. To learn more about pressure washers, contact a company like Ben's Cleaner Sales.