When a family member or close friend has a baby, you'll want to find a gift that is memorable — and, if you're known for your sense of humor, you may also be interested in giving a gift that makes the recipients smile. You can never go wrong with a onesie for the newborn, but instead of getting a generic one with an image of animals, for example, find a garment that is a little more unique. Whether you shop online or in stores that sell baby attire, there are a number of fun onesies that you can consider buying and giving as gifts. Here are some suggestions.

Sports Onesies

If one of the new parents is an avid sports fan, you can expect that he or she will be cradling the baby while watching sports on TV. It's fun to play on this angle with a sports-themed onesie gift. You shouldn't have any trouble finding a onesie that depicts the parent's favorite sports team, and you'll often find garments with slogans that identify the baby as the team's newest fan, for example. You can also find onesies with wording that suggests the baby will be the future star of the team depicted.

Prison Onesies

A fun novelty style of onesie makes the baby look a bit like a prisoner. For example, the garment may feature black and white stripes or could be fluorescent orange. It will often have a slogan that references the time spent in the womb. For example, the onesie may read something such as, "I've just escaped after spending nine months on the inside" or "Recent parolee." If you know that the parents have a sense of humor, this type of onesie can be a fun gift to give when you meet the baby for the first time.

Relationship-Referencing Onesies

It's also fun to find a onesie that connects you and the newborn by noting the nature of your relationship and depicting a funny phrase. For example, if you're the aunt of the newborn, you may wish to buy a onesie with a message such as, "Auntie's favorite baby." Sometimes, you'll find funny slogans such as, "If you think I'm cute, you should see my aunt." There are many similar onesies for people who have different relationships with the child, whether you're an aunt, an uncle, or a grandparent or have a different nature of relationship.

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