If you just had a custom wood boat made by a company like Beebe Boatworks to take upon the lake for fishing expeditions, you are most likely happy with the appearance of your new vessel. If you wish to keep your handcrafted boat in the best of condition for a good many years, simple maintenance will need to be done to help in keeping it from deteriorating. Here are some tips you can use to help you keep your boat looking great for years to come.

Store Your Boat In The Proper Location

If you never had a boat of your own in the past, you may not realize that it should be stored in an area where it is not at risk for excessive moisture exposure. While the bottom of your boat is most likely treated to withstand moisture while you are in a body of water, the interior may not be. It is best to place your wood boat inside an enclosed area. If you do not have a garage or shed that can house your boat or if the area is too small, you can rent storage space made especially for water vessels.

Keep Your Boat Covered When Not In Use

It is best to invest in a cover for your boat to place upon it during times you are not utilizing it. A custom made cover can be purchased to aid in keeping your boat from accumulating debris inside and along the outer body. A cover will also help keep your boat safe from unnecessary fading from light sources. This will also be helpful in keeping pests from getting inside of your boat and taking up residence in the area you will be using when you take your craft out on the water. A canvas or plastic tarp can also be used. Make sure it is securely tied to keep the bottom portion unexposed from harmful elements.

Consider Covering Exposed Wood Surfaces

To help keep your wooden boat from becoming weathered and worn, a coat of protection can be applied to all untreated surfaces. Think about having a professional paint job to help keep the wood intact and free of damage for a longer amount of time. A sealant can also be applied to the wood to help keep it from becoming saturated in areas where moisture is not prone to accumulating. This will be beneficial should your boat become submerged or get into the path of excessive water in any way.