If you're investigating parallel switchgear as a possible upgrade for your current energy-distribution system, you've found an option that can help your network stay online and working through several potential issues. Often people don't realize that having one generator for power doesn't solve all their problems that neatly, even though generators can keep the power on during outages. If you need a more secure way to provide energy, especially if the number of generators you use is projected to grow over the next several years, parallel switchgear is a switch you want to make.

When the Generator Has an Outage

If you have your energy source hooked up to one generator, and that generator breaks down, then you can't get energy from your source to the places that need the power. But if you have several generators hooked up to the energy source, then you can not only keep the power running to the places that weren't drawing from the broken generator, but you can also switch over to the generators that still work. In other words, the places that draw power from the broken generator can be switched over to a working generator.

When More Than One Place Needs Power

With paralleling switchgear, you are able to connect several generators to one energy source. If you have several places (for example, large industrial complexes) that all need to draw power, but the generators you have can supply only one complex each, you can still connect all the generators to the energy source and supply power to all the complexes from that one source.

When You Need to Expand

If you're arranging a power-generator setup now but think the load will grow, you can start out smaller and attach more generators as needed, rather than starting out with one generator and then having to replace it in order to provide more power. That results in less power interruption and more customization, too. Remember that the generators you set up and connect do not have to be identical in size, so if you find that you want to dedicate one generator to a smaller destination, you can.

There are numerous ways to configure paralleling switchgear and multiple generators depending on the reason you want to have all those generators hooked up. Speak with energy supply companies like Enercon  Engineering Inc about the parallel systems they currently have set up to see which configuration would be best for your situation.