A big, beautiful ribbon represents a classic way to award someone first prize. First prizes aren't necessarily exclusive to contests though. Restaurant and other small business owners could easily hand out ribbons to high-performing employees. A professional and custom-made ribbon can show just how appreciative an employer feels towards an employee. Good feelings often turn into equally good consistent on-the-job performance.

Ribbons Replacing Plaques

A ribbon might not be the first thing that comes to mind when offering an employee an achievement award. Engraved plaques delineating someone "Employee of the Month" are common. Unfortunately, the plaques may prove expensive. Handing out large plaques for "little things" might seem a bit much as well. Ribbons provide a less-costly alternative that gets an important message across -- namely, an employee's contributions haven't gone unnoticed. 

Giving Out a Series of Ribbons

Handing out several ribbons to different employees as rewards for various performance achievements can be a good thing. Sometimes, when only one or two employees receive recognition, other employees may feel slighted. By informing employees about several goals to achieve, they can all individually work towards one or more. Awards for "Best Customer Services" and "Highest Sales Figures" give employees a direction in which to strive. Managers gain the benefit of numerous workers picking up their game in several areas. In a way, giving out ribbons has a motivating factor.

The Physical Value of Ribbons

When the time comes to hand out awards for exceptional work, physical awards do need to be given. Merely acknowledging a job well done isn't always enough. Tangible awards show an employer cares enough to put in the time and effort required to make a presentable prize. A "nice job" email isn't exactly too much of a big deal. Employees don't always take such meager acknowledgments seriously. So, the desired results of continued excellent performance, loyalty to the company, and the like might prove elusive. With a custom-crafted ribbon, derived feelings of appreciation may work to an employer's advantage.

Ribbons Go with Other Awards

Employers can hand out more than just the ribbons. The ribbons work well as a means of personalizing a reward. For example, when giving an employee a basket of cheer award, an accompanying ribbon may announce "Top Seller for the Month of May." The presence of the ribbon becomes another nice touch, one that won't be overlooked by the employee. Sometimes, the ribbon might elevate an otherwise mundane reward. A custom ribbon made by a professional certainly captures eyes and evokes positive feelings. Remember, it is not just about giving someone an award. It is also about the award evoking the desired performance response.

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