When you're choosing children's travel trays, such as those from My Lap Box, that your kids will use whenever they're riding in the family vehicle for extended periods of time, you'll often be cognizant of functionality. For example, you want to choose a tray design that is easy to attach to the child's car seat, one made of an easily washable material, and one that has pockets to hold snacks and toys. A long car trip can also serve as an educational opportunity for your children, so keep an eye open for travel trays that have educational inserts. Many trays come with different inserts that you can position on the tray—much in the same manner as an educational placement—for your child to look at. Here are some topics that you can find.

Letters And Numbers

It's never too early to start exposing your child to letters and numbers, and you may do so at home in a number of ways. Keep the lessons going when you're in the car by finding a children's travel tray that clearly depicts letters and number. You'll be able to find one with the entire alphabet, as well as the numbers one through ten. Whether you're actively playing games with your child revolving around this subject matter, or he or she is simply studying this content quietly, it will sink in.

World Information

Another type of insert for a children's travel tray that you'll come across relates to the world. You can find some inserts with child-friendly maps of the world, while others have flags of the world's nations. Obviously, these inserts will be ideal for kids who are a little older. You want the child to be able to read before you introduce this travel tray insert, as doing so will allow him or her to read the different names of countries and learn both where they're located in the world and what their flag looks like.


Most children are interested in animals, so you should look to find a travel tray insert that depicts different types of animals. The insert will likely feature a cartoon-style image of an animal with its name above or below. This insert can be ideal for teaching children to not only recognize different animals by name but to also be able to spell these names. Sometimes, you'll find inserts dedicated to land animals and sea animals—both of which can be ideal to buy for a child who loves animals.