Have you decided that it's time to thoroughly clean your place of business? Maybe you own your own company and you take extreme pride in the way your facility looks. Whatever the reason that you are in charge of doing a major cleaning job at your place of business, you might be having different feelings about that. On one hand, you might be kind of dreading the amount of work that needs to be done. On the other hand, you are probably already anticipating how nice your place of business will look when the cleaning jobs are finished.

From work that can be done by employees to arranging for professionals to strip and wax the floors, here are some ideas that might help you.

Work Employees Can Do - Think of having an informal meeting, maybe in the lunch room, where you let everybody know that it's time to clean the office. Give a specific date that the cleaning will be done. For example, offer a bonus to everybody who will stay just one hour after work on a Friday. That hour would be used for each person to clean and organize his or her own areas. 

Think of providing little caddies that have basic cleaning supplies in them. And, for sure, treat everybody to a good meal after the job is done. 

Professionally Done Work - If the floors in your office space are in truly bad shape, consider hiring professionals to strip and wax them. Arranging for stripping and waxing services by professionals means that they will have the training and the experience to pay attention to detail. In addition, they'll have all of the proper cleaning equipment to do the job thoroughly.

Arrange for the workers to come in after your office has been closed for the day. They'll need plenty of time to do the work ahead of them. First the workers will sweep, dust, vacuum, and finally mop the floors. Next a stripping solution will be applied. Even though it might not be considered an actual step, the solution will need to sit in place for awhile before work can continue on the floors. Then the work will continue. The workers will even clean areas by hand before an electric floor scrubber is used.

Talk about squeaky clean. That's what the floors will look like before the waxing solution is finally applied along with a protective sealant. The cleaners are so thorough that traffic patterns will be determined so that more wax can be applied to those areas.