Building a sunroom will allow you to better enjoy the great outdoors without having to worry about bugs or the other more annoying aspects of nature. Sunrooms are also the perfect spot to hang out during the spring and fall when the weather is improving, but not quite so nice yet. In order to get the most out of your sunroom, however, you will want to include these features when designing it.

1. Tempered Glass

Most sunroom designs incorporate a lot of glass in the form of large windows or even skylights. If this glass were to shatter, it would make a horrible mess and possibly allow would-be-thieves into your home. For this reason, it's important for you to choose tempered glass. Like windshield glass, tempered glass has a layer of thick plastic within it, so it won't shatter; all the pieces will remain stuck together.

2. Roll-Up Shades

As much as you may love the sun, there will be times when you don't want as much of it in your sunroom. Built-in, roll-up shades are so much easier to deal with than drapes. They can typically be wiped clean, and you can roll the part-way up if you want to block just some of the sunlight. They also offer a streamlined look that is really modern and minimalist.

3. Removable Doors

Make sure that the door to your sunroom can be removed relatively easily. There are doors that you can simply lift out after loosening a few screws. This design will make it a lot easier to move furniture and other large items into and out of your sunroom. If you use the sunroom more like a patio during the summer, you can even leave the door off for the season, making it simpler to go in and out.

4. UV-Reflective Roofing

Make sure the roofing material you choose is designed to reflect UV rays. There are shingles designed for this function, and metal roofing works well, too. (Light-colored metal roofing is especially reflective.) By reflecting UV rays, the roof will keep the sunroom cooler, so it remains a comfortable place to hang out during the hottest months of the year.

5. Built-in Planters

Your sunroom can be a great place to plant herbs, flowers, and other small plants. Include some built-in planters in the design, perhaps right under the windows, to make growing things in this space a lot easier. 

With the features above, you'll have an awesome sunroom that everyone wants to spend time in. Start creating your ideal sunroom by contacting services such as David Wesley's Patio Rooms Inc.