When it comes to having fun on your vacation, taking a helicopter tour can be a great way to really see and explore a new place. A helicopter tour allows you a unique vantage point that very few people will ever have the privilege of enjoying.

Choose a Safe Helicopter Tour

When it comes to getting the best helicopter tour, you want to make sure you are getting a safe tour. When it comes to getting a safe tour, you want to look for helicopter tours that carry the right certification.

Look for FAA Part 135 Air Carrier certification; this is a certification that one carries when you have completed a variety of FAA courses that mean you meet specific standards of care and experience.

Next, you are going to want to look up and make sure the helicopter company doesn't have a history of accidents. You can find this information by looking up the company on the National Transportation Safety Board. You want to make sure that you only hire a company that meets high standards.

Look for Four-Passenger Tours

Next, when it comes to choosing a tour, look for tours that only take four passengers instead of six.

When you take a tour on a helicopter that carries six passengers, there are going to be two people who are sitting in the middle of the helicopter. If you sit in the middle of the helicopter, you are not going to get the same view as those sitting on the sides. 

Instead, look for a helicopter tour that carries four passengers. With a four-passenger tour, there is no middle seat. That means everyone has a window seat view. With a four-passenger helicopter tour, all members of your group are going to be able to experience the same high-quality views during the helicopter tour.

Consider a Doors-Off Tour

If you really want to experience the landscape and really take in the views, see if you can take a doors-off tour. With a doors-off tour, you don't have to look through the windows to try and get the best view.

Instead, you will be able to look straight out and experience and take in the view without trying to see it through a window. With a doors-off tour, if you take pictures, you will also be able to get higher-quality photos — just make sure the camera is securely attached to your person.

When it comes to taking a helicopter tour that you will really enjoy, choose a safe helicopter company, look for a four-passenger tour so that no one has to deal with a middle-seat view, and consider a doors-off tour to really get the most out of the experience.

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