As an arts and crafts enthusiast, you appreciate using only the best materials in your projects. In particular, you may prefer to use cloth because of how long it can last and how versatile it is to work with. When you buy Lori Holt granny chic fabric, you may wonder what kinds of projects you can make from it. These purposes are some that are ideal for utilizing this particular fabric for homemade arts and crafts.

Hobo Purses

Hobo purses are easy to make with Lori Holt granny chic fabric. The fabric features a variety of colors and embroidered patterns. Both play well into the rustic and homemade charm that has made hobo purses popular with women everywhere.

Further, hobo purses are easy to make and do not require a lot of intricate stitching. This minimal stitching ensures that you do not mar the fabric's colors or patterns. The beauty of the fabric displays easily in your homemade hobo purses.


Another easy project that you can use Lori Holt granny chic fabric for is making skirts. Like hobo purses, full skirts do not require much stitching. With the exception of gathering and running elastic through the waistline, hemming the bottom, and sewing the seam line, you can leave the fabric in the skirt relatively unmarred.

You are left with full skirts made from Lori Holt granny chic fabric that display the fabric's full colors, patterns, and embroidery. The skirts are colorful, playful, and comfortable. They also feature a rustic and homey appeal that makes them ideal for wearing for any occasion.


Lori Holt granny chic fabric can also be used to make drapery panels and toppers. You can create a rod pocket at the top of the panel through which to run a curtain rod. You can also create a half-inch hem at the bottom. You get curtains that hang well and add color to a bedroom or living room. 

The fabric is likewise made to be washed and dried in your washer and dryer. You do not have to dry clean it. It can be pressed with a low heat iron to retain its bright colors and embroidery.

These projects are some for which Lori Holt granny chic fabric can be used. You can use it for making hobo purses and homemade full skirts. It also can be sewn into panels and toppers for your windows. Contact a fabric supplier to learn more.