If you want to be adventurous with your jewelry game, try wearing bracelets on both of your wrists. When playing the double bracelet game, keep the following fashion tips in mind.

Tip #1: Go Light on Other Jewelry

If you are going to go all out and wear multiple bracelets on both of your wrists, you will want to go light with your other jewelry. If you are loading up and wearing lots of bracelets on each arm, skip out on a necklace and rings, and add some simple earrings.

If you are only wearing one or two bracelets on each wrist, you may be able to get away with a simple necklace and earrings as well. You are going to want to keep things simple so that you don't create a cluttered look. 

Tip #2: Choose a Focal Piece

When wearing multiple bracelets on both wrists, you may want to choose one or two pieces that you want to stand out. For example, you could have one bracelet that is brightly colored and surround it with bracelets that are more subdued in color.

Or perhaps you have a chunky bracelet that you want to be the focal point. You can help it stand out by wearing thinner bracelets. You can create a focal point by contrasting bracelet colors, styles, or sizes to support one or two pieces stand out from the rest.

Tip #3: Don't Mix Metals

Although it is more than okay to mix different colors and materials, you should avoid mixing metals. Putting together multiple types of metal bracelets, such as platinum, silver, and rose gold together, will not create a visually appealing look. If you want to mix things up, wear a rose gold bracelet with some pearl bracelets. Or wear a silver bracelet with some beaded ones. 

Tip #4: Add a Watch

If you want to mix things up, consider adding a watch. Choose a watch that will flow with your overall outfit and jewelry selection. Adding an alert can add a fun vibe to your wrists and create a unique look.

Tip #5: Don't Balance It Out

When wearing bracelets on both wrists, you may be tempted to put the same number on both of your wrists. However, that isn't necessary. It is okay to wear more on one wrist than another. Move them around until you create a style and look you are comfortable with.

When it comes to wearing bracelets, have some fun, and put them on both of your wrists at the same time. For insight on buying and wearing bracelets, contact companies like MMP Jewelry.