There are many different duties that a personal assistant can perform for you, including being the first point of contact for people who need to contact you. This means that if someone calls or emails you, they'll first reach your assistant — who can deal with the query in whatever way is most appropriate. This might mean transferring a call to you, taking a message and sharing the contents of the message with you, or resolving the query without involving you. There are a number of reasons that having your personal assistant serve as the first point of contact for you can be advantageous.

Fewer Interruptions

Perhaps the biggest advantage that you'll experience upon hiring a personal assistant and having them serve as a first point of contact is that you'll see an immediate reduction in your interruptions throughout the workday. Each time that you receive a phone call or email, you're distracted from what you're doing. After dealing with the interruption, it can sometimes be challenging to get back on task. In some cases, you might forget exactly what you were thinking about prior to receiving the call or email. The reduction in interruptions that you experience when your assistant becomes the first point of contact should increase your productivity.

Less Stress

Some emails and phone calls can be stressful. For example, a client might be upset about something and could speak aggressively instead of remaining professional. When you receive such an email or call during the workday, you can experience an increase in your stress levels to the point that you have trouble concentrating on your job. If you're about to enter a video meeting or lead a conference call, the stress that you're experiencing could affect your performance. Your personal assistant can diffuse the situation and relay the information to you so that you can follow up with the person at a time that suits you — and, ideally, after the person has calmed down.

Professional Feel

Having your personal assistant serve as the first point of contact for you can help to give your company a professional feel. If you work for a small company and serve in a senior position, you might worry that your organization could look not as professional as you'd like if people are able to contact you directly. For example, you may feel that people view your company as small and thus unsuccessful, even when that isn't the case. The addition of a personal assistant can eliminate this feeling for you — and for others who may also feel it.

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