Wholesale fireworks distributors often sell pallets, crates, and variety boxes. The cost savings that are acquired through a distributor may lead a firework enthusiast or display overseer to purchase their fireworks from a wholesaler instead of through a retailer.

Bulk Products

Wholesalers often specialize in selling aerial fireworks, artillery shells, and other large-scale explosives that one would not normally be able to purchase through a small retailer. Retailers, on the other hand, sell novelty boxes and single firework products that may not be very powerful. Wholesalers feature bulk products usually. Bulk products are packaged on pallets or in boxes.

A distributor may advertise a catalog or online listings that will provide colorful pictorials and descriptions of each of the products that are for sale. Someone who would like to accumulate fireworks for Independence Day or another large holiday may prefer to purchase their fireworks through a wholesaler. A business owner who oversees firework displays that will be lit at their place of business may also seek fireworks through a wholesaler.

Package Differentiations

A wholesaler offers a wide range of products that will appease audiences of all ages. Those who would like to observe some brightly-colored fireworks that are designed to go up in the sky may want to purchase a pallet that contains multiple pieces. A pallet may contain many explosives that are of a similar style.

People who enjoy diversity may wish to shop for a crate. Crated products may contain multiples of each item that is contained within a crate. When shopping for a crate, a consumer should review the product listing that is attached to each crate. This listing will specify the firework type and the quantity that is included in a crate.

A variety box is designed for those who would like to create a display that contains a diverse assortment of fireworks. Fireworks of varying calibers are typically enclosed in this type of box. There may be sparklers, bottle rockets, larger-scale aerial fireworks, and shells enclosed in a variety box.

Often, a wholesaler will display variety boxes that contain clear cellophane across the front of them. The cellophane will allow a shopper to view the assortment of fireworks that are enclosed in each variety set. There may be a series of variety boxes on display, each featuring a unique assortment of fireworks. This type of product can be used for small and large gatherings that are going to showcase fireworks.