If you have recently purchased a home, and you have a propane tank on your property, you need to take steps to contact a supplier to provide you with deliveries so you can heat your home as needed. Here are steps to take if you decide to hire a different company than the one that had installed the tank. 

Decide What Company You Want To Use

You will need to make a few phone calls or send a few emails to help you decide what company you wish to have as your new provider. You may want to go with a company that has the cheapest rate or one that is known to provide you with automatic deliveries rather than one you need to call each time you need propane. When you have found a company that suits your needs, let them know you have a tank already on your property.

Contact The Old Propane Company

You need to call the propane company that had previously provided your property with propane. In most cases, a new company cannot fill a tank that was installed by another propane company. Check the tank for signs of the provider's name. If you are unable to find this information, ask neighbors for the company names that provide propane in your area. Call each of them and let them know your address to find out if they were the previous supplier. The company will then come and pick up the old tank for you.

Let The New Company Know About The Specifics

The new company will likely not deliver a new tank until your old one has been removed unless there is enough room nearby for the setup process. When your tank is removed by the previous supplier, make another call or send another email to the new supplier. Let them know the tank has been removed and you are ready for them to deliver your new one.

In addition to tank drop-off, you need to let the new propane supplier know your requests when it comes to deliveries. If you would like deliveries to be made automatically, you need to be sure to make payments on time or the company will likely put your account on hold until you are caught up with what you owe them. You may also be interested in using a payment plan where you pay a predetermined amount each month. At the end of a year's time, you will need to pay any overage charges to the propane company. If you underpaid for your deliveries, the amount you pay monthly will likely be lowered for the next year. You will also receive reimbursement for overpaying.

Contact a local propane supply company to learn more.